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Miss Gilmer Co 2006

Pageant Day Plans

Info on Director
Hair and Makeup
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State Pageant Info
Results for 2006 Pageant
2006 Pageant Photos
2006 Queen's Schedule
Forestry Rules
Application for Baby to Jr Queen
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Awards :
Teen Miss Gilmer Co Forestry
Teen Miss Hospitality Queen
Junior Miss Gilmer County Forestry
Little Miss Gilmer Co
Tiny Miss Gilmer Co
Teeny Miss Gilmer Co.
Teeny Miss Hospitality Queen
2005 Queens

Pageant Day Plans  This is how the day should run. 


Interviews at  Stafford Moter Inn East Ellijay with judges at 1:00. 

Ashley if you can get three at 12:30 find the room and the judges.  Get them set up and ready then see each girl in.  I will meet you there to get you going.  If you mom is helping than I can let her register in the girls for those age groups at the hotel. 


Registration and Rehearsals at the School at 1:30 

Set up and Decorations.  Show contestants how to walk.  Sound Check. 


Registration and Rehearsals at the School at 1:30 Feb 18th 2006


  • Pageant will begin at 3:00
  • Welcome and Intro of 2005 Queens (Charla Intro Victoria)
  • Intro of MC.
  • Opening Number ( Studio 1)
  • Intro Judges
  • Teeny Miss Go
  • Tiny Miss Go.
  • Little Miss Go
  • Cahriana to sing
  • Farewells from 2005 Queens (Escorts and Mothers please join them back stage. around the time Cahriana is singing.
  • Laney, Allison, Kira in that order do farewells.
  • Crowning of
  • Teeny  Laney and Allison to crown.
  • Tiny     Allison to crown
  • Little    Allison to crown
  • Intermission 15 min
  • Jr. Miss Go
  • Teen Miss Go  (On stage question to be asked by Cahariana) 
  • Ashley Nelson Miss Gilmer Co. 2005 Preforms
  • Intro of Visiting Queens
  • Farewell from 2005 Queens
  • Carly Cahariana Ashley in that order
  • Crowning of Jr Teen Miss
  • Thank you photos State Meeting


Meet every one at interviews at the Hotel at 1.  She will stay and direct that endeavor.  Should be done by 2 .  Come back over to the school.  Quick run through of music and farewell.  Ashley will also ask the on stage question of the contestants for Miss Queen.



Will meet and greet at the School direct contestants and show the contestants the way to walk on stage.  She too will need to do a quick music and sound check and a farewell listen..  She will ask the question of the contestants for Teen Miss on stage.


Carly is Compeating again in Teen so she will just do farewell and introductions.  Chari will crown this age group.


Kira is compeating she will do Farewells and Introductions.  Allison will crown this age group.


Allison will sell door tickets and programs peoples choice tickets.  She is going to have to help Laney Crown as well.  And assist in PC Queens.


Laney is going to drive us all nuts !!  :0)


We can all work to dress the stage up and get things ready.

We have a sound man to do that for us.