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Miss Gilmer Co 2006

Results for 2006 Pageant

Info on Director
Hair and Makeup
******STATE INFO *********
State Pageant Info
Results for 2006 Pageant
2006 Pageant Photos
2006 Queen's Schedule
Forestry Rules
Application for Baby to Jr Queen
Application for Teen and Miss Queen
Awards :
Teen Miss Gilmer Co Forestry
Teen Miss Hospitality Queen
Junior Miss Gilmer County Forestry
Little Miss Gilmer Co
Tiny Miss Gilmer Co
Teeny Miss Gilmer Co.
Teeny Miss Hospitality Queen
2005 Queens

The New Miss Gilmer Co Forestry 2006
Ashley Nelson
The New Teen Miss Gilmer County 2006
Brooklyn Cole
1 Katlyn Rigdon                 Photogenic Brooklyn Cole
2 Lindsey Hightower        Prettiest Hair Brooklyn Cole
3 Kayla Fraxee     Prettiest Eyes Brooklyn Cole          
4 Carley Threldkeld        Prettiest Smile Brooklyn Cole
Best Personality Lindsey Hightower
Peoples Choice Kayle Frazee
Teen Miss Gilmer Co. Forestry Hospitality Queen 2006
Kayla Frazee
The new Junior Miss Gilmer Co 2006
Kira Brock
1 Chandler Cselle         Photogenic  Haley Strawbridge
2 Haley Strawbridge                                                
Prettiest Hair Chandler Cselle
Prettiest Eyes Chandler Cselle  
Prettiest Smile Chandler Cselle
Best Personality Chandler Cselle
Peoples Chocie Queen Haley Strawbridge
The New Little Miss Gilmer Co
Amelia Brock
1 Morgan Carlile       2 Christy Winkler        
         Prettiest Hair Morgan Carlile   
Prettiest Smile Morgan Carlile
Best Personality Morgan Carlile
Peoples Choice Queen Christy Winkler
The New Tiny Miss Gilmer Co 2006
Kennedi Haight
1 Alex Harmond            Photogenic Kennedi Haight
2 Carley Crawford         Prettiest Hair Alex Harmon
3 Hailey Cheves           Prettiest Smile Kennedi Haight
4 Mckenzie Brodowsky   Best Personality Kennedi Haight
Peoples Choice Queen Carley Crawford
The New Teeny Miss Gilmer Co
 Victoria Scott          
1Lexie McClure     
 Photogenic Victoria Scott
Prettiest Hair Victoria Scott
Prettiest Eyes Lexie Mcclure 
Prettiest Smile Victoria Scott
Best Personality Victoria Scott
Peoples Choice Queen Lexie McClure
The New Teeny Miss Hospality Queen
Laney Taylor

You are all amazing and make me very proud !!!