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Miss Gilmer Co 2006

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State Pageant Info
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Teen Miss Gilmer Co Forestry
Teen Miss Hospitality Queen
Junior Miss Gilmer County Forestry
Little Miss Gilmer Co
Tiny Miss Gilmer Co
Teeny Miss Gilmer Co.
Teeny Miss Hospitality Queen
2005 Queens

A note from the State Director and Info on Hotels...
The official Georgia Forestry Motel for the contestants will be the Holiday Inn. Please note this hotel is for the contestants only! The Directors and Forestry Rangers will stay at a different hotel, I hope I have the confirmation on the Directors hotel by Monday. Please do not take up the space for the contestants, I ask that you please wait and stay at the hotel for the directors. I have had a rough time with motels this year due to some things that have went on in previous years and due to some people going ahead and making reservations without my knowledge. The contestants need to call the Holiday Inn by May 1st and tell them you are with the Forestry Pageant to get a special rate. After May 1st, you may be able to get a room, but it will be at regular rate. The number is 229-382-6687. If you want your room to get ready in for the Friday Pageant, June 9th, then you must reserve your room for Thursday night as well because the rooms will not be ready until late afternoon on Friday due to other large groups being in Tifton that week. I am letting you know ahead of time, so please do not go to the motel and jump down their throat on Friday if your room is not ready. If you need your room for Friday during the day to get ready, then you need to go ahead and reserve it on Thursday and come in on Thursday night. We will have early morning rehearsel on Friday morning June 9th for Tiny, Little, Junior, and Teen and the Teen contestants will have a party on Thursday night June 8th, so it will probably be better that all contestants stay Thursday night anyway. Contestants that have already made their reservations will not get the cheaper rate. The rate is as of today through May 1st.

The limousine will pickup the Teen and Miss contestants at the Holiday Inn. A complete itinerary will come after we have all the local pageants and the applications are all turned in. The room rate for Tiny, Little, Junior, and Teen is for June 8, 9, and 10, 2006. The room rate for Miss is June 15, 16, and 17, 2006.

Hair and Makeup must be done prior to arriving at the pageant. Nobody will be allowed in the dressing room, but the contestant and mom only.

Stipulations per motel, Please Read:

1.Do not paint the windows at the motel and do not draw or write on the windows.

2. Do not bring paints of any sorts into the motel, please make all posters at home and make sure they have dried prior to arriving at the motel.

3.You can put up posters on the doors and in the windows, but you must make sure the tape is removed from the windows prior to leaving the motel.

4. We want everyone to come to state and have fun, but at the same time I expect everyone to respect the property of the Holiday Inn and the property of the Theatre.

5. The Holiday Inn will be charging a $150.00 cleanup fee to each individual not abiding by their policy. They will be checking the rooms.

6. In previous years, paint got on the carpet, furniture and so forth. Paint was left on the windows and the housekeeper couldn’t get the room ready in time for rental that evening and they lost money the next day on not being able to rent many of the rooms. This was so embarrassing to find this out. I know the Forestry Queens can do better than this. We do not need to come into a city and deface the property.

7. If they have to call me out to the Holiday Inn for being disrespectful to their property, then I will more than likely disqualify whoever from the pageant and future forestry pageants.

This is so wrong. These people here have opened their arms to this pageant and we need thank them back by showing respect.

A lot of people have a bad image of pageants. Have fun, but remember we need to show everyone what a class act the Forestry Queens are and how respectful our group of girls are!

Mrs Diane